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Photo Locations on Casa Bella Property

Today we are highlighting onsite photo locations that our past clients and photographers have found perfect for the wedding day and we hope you might too!

For popular offsite photo locations check out our last blog post here.


Front Patio & Main Entrance

We will start with the front of Casa Bella which hosts beautiful ivy-covered pillars, large natural-toned pots, and an array of plants to add pops of color. The outdoor brick walls leading towards the ceremony site as well as our main doorway are both wonderful spaces for photos where the clients will shine but there are details and beauty around them.


Love Sign & Pergola at Night

Our Love Sign makes for great photos both during both the day and night. We LOVE the statement the wall makes (pun intended)! One of our favorite things some photographers will do is take our clients out to the pergola once it is dark for photos during the reception. These photos are usually done in private and turn out stunning!


Ceremony Patio & Garden

The ceremony patio and garden is fully enclosed by rustic corrugated metal fencing and two large blue gates that are true statement pieces. The garden has been thoughtfully designed to boast color year-round, it also hosts a variety of vases and unique details throughout.

Our back fence was made with reclaimed wood and has a frame with the phrase "this is us" in it. It's another wonderful place for photos of just the couple or the whole bridal party!


Casa Bella Roof

For our clients who love adventure, we recommend climbing (yes - there is a ladder involved!) up onto the roof of Casa Bella to take advantage of the full view of Sunol's surrounding hills and beauty.


Back Lounge

Our back lounge has many great uses, the groomsmen often enjoy hanging out here with a cool drink before the ceremony, guests love relaxing by the fire in the evening and our clients have found it to be another great location for photos together.


Grand Exits

Sparklers, cheers, and clapping are all great ways to exit in style as well as get some lasting photos of the end of your wedding celebration!

Thank you for taking the time to read about some of the locations on-site at Casa Bella that are popular for photos. We hope this helps you plan and envision what photos you will aim to get on your wedding day here with us.

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