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Casa Bella's Permanent Patio Tent

It has been 6 months since we installed the tent on our outside patio and it has been a wonderful addition!

While we are still working to get back photos from events, we are excited to share some of the photos we have so far.

We will be sure to update everyone after the summer season when photographers have more wedding albums finished and there are more photos to share.

We received wonderful feedback from clients and guests this past winter as the tent provided cover from the rain, wind & cool temperatures. As well as are getting great feedback from recent summer events as guests are thrilled to have shade coverage during the ceremonies.

We have also heard back from several photographers that the tent helps with the harsh direct light, making photographing outside on the patio better.

We hope you will be as happy as we are with this new addition to our property and the comfort it offers your guests year-round.

November - March events it is standard to have the tent walls on for weather conditions.

April - October it is standard to have no tent walls.

The sting lights and 4 chandeliers hung within the tent are standard year-round.

The tent is permanent, it can not be removed or taken down.

Wedding Photos from a Gorgeous May Wedding

Photographed by Kat Ma Photography:

Photos from an April Styled Shoot

Photographed by 1985 Luke Photography:

Photos from a February Wedding (without the tent sides)

Photographed by Martha Hoang:

Photos from a March Wedding (with the side walls)

Photographed by Danya Chen:

A Few Winter Wedding Photos (with side walls)

1st - Photographed by Vision Infinie:

2nd - Photographed by Margo Photography:

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