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Love Is Not Canceled!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We wanted to share a few photos from some of our 2020 weddings - while things do look different than past seasons we have been enjoying every minute of being back hosting small celebrations and are looking forward to when we can host more of our client's special days in the future!

Also, don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of the post for some insights into what we are learning from the celebrations we have been able to host during the past several months!

Jessica & Jeff

This wonderful couple didn't want to wait to tie the knot and had a small ceremony this summer with their closest family and friends present. They are planning for a reception at Casa Bella in Spring 2021 to celebrate on a larger scale.

Photographer - Vanessa M Photography

Jessie & Brian

Our clients Jessie & Brian hosted a small celebration this summer that turned out stunning! The bride's mother did the flowers and the whole celebration was wonderfully captured by their amazing photographer Tylar. We were honored to get to celebrate alongside those closest to them.

Photographer - Tylar Delegeane

Tasleen & Vaibhav

Tasleen & Vaibhav got engaged during the pandemic and even though many of their family members were overseas and not able to attend, their local friends and family were able to make their small celebration one they would never forget! They used technology to have their family and friends who didn't live nearby join in on the celebration and it was a beautiful celebration all around!

Photographer - Cathy Breslow

Makeup Artist @ KeytoBeautybyNora

Chiara & Chris

This amazingly kind couple couldn't wait to get married and decided they would host a small celebration with those closest to them instead of waiting for a larger celebration. They had wonderful details and favors for their guests of hand sanitizer and masks and all that we're able to attend enjoyed themselves immensely.

Photographer - Ditto Dianto

A Few Notes From Casa Bella on Current Celebrations:

Here are some things we are learning from our current celebrations that we would love to share with any clients planning for their own celebration!

Zoom and Live Streaming:

- We have a private wifi network separate from our main network so that you are able to put your live streaming on an independent network to allow for the best connection.

- We would recommend that at the rehearsal you have whoever is helping record your celebration to bring the laptop/camera/phone they will be using and determine what their plan is before the big day.

Favors - Masks & Hand Sanitizer:

- Many clients are providing their guests with prepacked favors that include custom masks and hand sanitizers. These have been a hit!

- We would recommend that you provide either custom masks for your guests or plain white ones so you do not have blue masks in your photos.


- Along with signage we have been asking our DJ's to make continuous announcements to remind your guests about social distancing and mask requirements.

Temperature Checks:

- While not required we do have a touchless thermometer if you would like to have temperature checks performed on your guests before entering. We allow the clients to choose if they would like this to be done or not.

Sanitizing Stations & Signage:

- Casa Bella places out hand sanitizers at your welcome table, the entrance to the garden, and both entrances to the building.

- We also put out a welcome sign with guidelines and signs encouraging social distancing, masks, and sanitizing at all entrances to the building and the garden.

- There are signs in the restrooms to remind your guests to wash their hands for at least 30 seconds.

Below are signs from Casa Bella - you are welcome to add by bringing in your own signs as well!

We are continuing to learn more and more about how to operate celebrations at Casa Bella safely for all of our clients and their guests. We are committed to making sure that we can do everything within our power to create a safe and healthy environment for all those in attendance of a celebration here at Casa Bella.

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