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Mandatory DJs

When designing Casa Bella as an Event Venue, we consulted with our trusted DJs, whom we've worked with over the course of several years, to help us choose and install our top-of-the-line AV and lighting systems. This means our in-house DJs know exactly how to use our high-tech systems without instruction. 

To ensure our clients have the best experience at their event, we have mandatory DJs who are wonderful, easy, and fun to work with. We want the best so we only pick the best for you to work with. Please contact us with any questions regarding our mandatory DJ list. 

Mandatory DJs
Twin Spin Entertainment | Young Cho
(510) 996-8828 |
ACE Entertainment | Robert Tinoco
(510) 461-9910 |
Sound Wave Mobile DJ | David Gomes
(510) 938-7903 |
Close Cut Productions | Tony Sparks
(510) 222-9922 |

Sugar Ray | Ray Cartwright

(510) 366-4983 |

Style Deejays | Tony Silva

(650) 296-0369 |


Spintronix Entertainment | Eric Yee

(510) 326-6158 |

XX Event Productions | KenKen Mai

(415) 794-1222 |

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