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Popular Photo Locations Around Casa Bella

Updated: May 20, 2020

Casa Bella sits right on Main Street in the small town of Sunol. The placement of our property creates the opportunity for many unique and beautiful photo spots for our clients.

We will start by showing off outdoor locations that are within comfortable walking distance - even in heels! And follow up in our next post with our onsite locations. Enjoy!


Sunol Glen Park:

We will start off with Sunol Glen Park which is located right across the street from us. It is a private park dedicated to residents of Sunol. It hosts a large metal trellis, bocce ball court, horseshoes, and year-round greenery. We tend to see first looks done here since it is fully enclosed making it a private experience.


Sunol Glen Park Trellis:

At the entrance of the park is a wooden bridge with steel trellis that hosts beautiful green ivy through Spring and Summer. It is a popular location for romantic photos of the happy couple. In the Fall and Winter when the ivy begins to turn colors the trellis is covered with white string lights.


Sunol Train Station & Railroad Tracks

The Sunol Train Station is the home of the Niles Canyon Railroad and also where we host our guest parking for peak season. There is a small train station depot which is painted in its original yellow and has antique telegraph and ticket signs hung from it. Many clients love the railroad track photos and there are plenty of locations for these in either direction allowing photographers to get photos both in the afternoon and evening light.

During November and December, the Niles Train of Lights runs from Niles Fremont to Sunol. It is an antique steam train covered in Christmas lights and a popular attraction for many all around the Bay Area. On these nights our lucky couples have the chance to take photos with the train in the evening which creates fun, colorful, and unique photos!


Foothill Road

Foothill road is located just on the other side of the train station from our property and with trees that arch all the way across the road, it is a stunning location for group photos as well as photos of just the couple. We have had first looks done here as well since it is secluded for those precious moments.


Nursery Overlook

Sunol hosts many different private farms and nurseries just across the railroad tracks from us. The nurseries themselves are gated to public access - but the overlook is not! In the Spring and beginning of Summer, this space hosts bright green grass rich with color, and in the late Summer and Fall, you get the picturesque California golden grass hills. Either season it is a beautiful location with the hills and nurseries in the background.


Pleasanton Ridge

Our only recommended location that isn't a comfortable walking distance is Pleasanton Ridge. While we have a back entrance that is very close to us, it is located uphill and so we recommend that you drive if you are looking to go here. Your Event Manager can always point the way - it is a straight shot from our property only about a 1-minute drive!

We hoped you enjoyed checking out the different locations around Casa Bella that are loved by both photographers and clients! We can not wait to see where you take your photos around the area on your big day!!! Make sure to check out our next post which will highlight the popular onsite locations for photos at Casa Bella.

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