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Introducing a Permanent Tent at Casa Bella!

Casa Bella has received the permits to build a 30' by 45' and 9' 8'' high Timbertrac Wooden Framed Tent. This beautiful tent will be placed on our brick ceremony patio. 

As of Summer 2022, the tent has been ordered and we are planning to start production late Fall or early Winter this year. 

We will continue to post updates once we have further information and a full timeline. 

Below are photo references of the design concept for the tent. 

Marianne's_Sharidee Hurst Photo_Inspire Events_Edited Final-0037.jpeg

The tent will not include chandeliers, lighting, or floral as the design photos above depict.

These photos are designed to give you a reference for the style of the tent.


Casa Bella will offer rental options for added decor options and provide further information once these options are available. The tent will include sailcloth material. Triangular sides will be the entrance for the bride and bridal party to the pergola.