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Tented Ceremonies & Indoor Ceremonies

For clients who are planning in the Winter & Spring seasons, rain and cooler temperatures are more common and can lead to the need to adjust elements of the ceremony in order to make sure your guests are dry and warm. We are here to help you plan and make sure you can do that with ease!

The most popular option for cool or wet weather is to tent the outdoor ceremony patio. Since we do not own tenting you do have to rent a tent. We are happy to get a quote and organize it for you, or you are welcome to source the tent yourselves.

In the Bay Area tents average between $1,200 - $3,500 depending on a variety of factors. The factor that changes the cost most will be guest size, the other two main factors will be the style of the tent, and if you are adding lights to the tent.

The second option that some clients will choose it to host an indoor ceremony. As our facility is primarily designed to host outdoor ceremonies, this does require moving the indoor space around a bit. If you have a smaller guest count then we can set up a ceremony section of the ballroom facing the fireplace including chairs and an aisleway. And then we would transition the room to your reception by moving the chairs and tables around a bit. We do it efficiently but smoothly so that your guests are still able to mingle around.

If you have a large guest count we recommend that you consider allowing the majority of your guests to sit at their designated table and we create a smaller aisle way and chair set up for just immediate family. This will give you the aisle to walk in on, but also allow for less transition and movement after the ceremony.

A benefit of hosting indoors is there is no added cost that would occur.

Below are some photos of past clients who have hosted either tented ceremonies or indoor ceremonies to give you an idea of the look of these.

Photos of Tented Ceremonies:

Photos of Indoor Ceremonies:

Rain Photos We Love:

Video of Tented/Winter Wedding:

Thank you for reading & please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about tented ceremonies or indoor ceremonies!

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