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Personal Wedding Details

This month we wanted to highlight past details our clients have come up with and shared with their guests. One of the great things about many of these personalized details is that no matter what, they are important aspects of your wedding day and you can plan for them even when other aspects might have changed.

We hope some of the details in the blog might inspire you to plan and create special experiences and memories to share with your guests on your wedding day.

Late Night Snacks & Outside Food

Food is always a special way to add to your event. You can incorporate your personal favorites and share them with your guests at the wedding - and who doesn't love good food?!

There are many ways to add specialty food to your event - it has been popular to add in late-night snacks or specialty passed appetizers. At Casa Bella, we are happy to have you bring in outside vendors for these options but we also do offer a late-night snack menu ourselves (the link is below).

We have had lot's of different foods brought it - here are a few examples of what past clients have done:

- Sushi bar

- Taco Truck

- Crepe Cart

- French Fries

- DIY Hot Chocolate Bar

- DIY Popcorn Bar

- Boba Bar

- DIY S'mores Bar

- DIY Cereal Bar

- Gelato Cart

Check out Casa Bella's Late Night Snack Menu Below!

Late Night Snack Menu
Download PDF • 521KB

Creative & Fun Favors

Another idea that you can be creative with and personalize is your favors!

We have had lots of different favors over the years and we love that it allows clients to send home a small token of their day with each of their guests - plus they are often cute and add to the overall design of the wedding!

Some of the favors we have had before are:

- Custom made cookies of the clients

- Homemade soap (once we had it even made by the bride & groom!)

- Homemade candles (we've also had these made by the bride & groom before!)

- Custom beer koozies

- Succulents

- Local olive oil

- Local honey

- Champagne

- Shot glasses

- Matchbooks

- Bottle openers

And many, many more! We can't wait to see what our clients come up with next for favors!

Memorial Tables/Photos

These can be wonderful ways to honor past family members and those who are no longer with us.

We have seen them placed in several locations around the property.

We have had clients place them on chairs in the ceremony site in remembrance of those closest to them that are missing, sometimes even adding a boutonniere or corsage.

We have had small tables placed in the ceremony site by the welcome table.

We had one bride place them on the fireplace mantel and another had the table place inside the main ballroom.

No matter where you might place a memorial table, they are deeply enjoyed by your guests and family members and a wonderful element to add if you wish to.


Who doesn't love including their furry family members into their big day?! At Casa Bella, we are pet friendly and love to have our client's pets join them on their special day.

You are welcome to have your furry family member join you in any part of your big day. The only thing we ask is that they are not left alone unless crated upstairs in the bridal suite.

We hope you enjoyed reading and that you have been inspired to come up with some ways to personalize the details of your wedding day and add to the experience and memories for your guests!

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