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Ceremony Patio & Pergola Decor Ideas

To inspire you and give you dreamy feels, we have put together a post to highlight ceremony site decor.

A refresher about what the ceremony site entails within the rental costs:

- Our ceremony site hosts a natural wood pergola that is 9.5' H x 12' D x 15' W (Each pole is 8.5' high).

- We have 8 wine barrels available to use around the ceremony garden as cocktail tables, to place at the start of the aisle to highlight the entrance or to place by the pergola with decor on them.

- Your ceremony coordinator will set up a water & lemonade station for onsite ceremonies *this is not included if you are not a full-service event or have an off-site ceremony (example photos provided later in the post).

- We have standing easels you can use for welcome signs as well as tabletop easels for the welcome table.

- We have a wood table you can leave uncovered for your welcome table or put white or ivory linen on (photos below).

- We have a birdcage card box and other smaller decor details many clients choose to use (photos and full brochure below).

Overview of rental options & ideas:

We will start off by highlighting pergola looks that are using our drapes, chandelier, or other rental items.

We offer several items available as upgrades:

- White Drapes $125

- Ivory Drapes $125

- White Sheer Drapes $125

- Ivory Woven Drape $125

- Chandelier $100

- White Aisle Runner $100

- Red Aisle Runner $50

For a full list of rental and complimentary items please checkout out Something Borrowed List Below:

Something Borrowed - Complementary & Ren
Download • 7.43MB

Sheer Drapes:

You can inform your event manager if you want the drapes to hang or look a certain way, otherwise, we will allow your florist and event manager to use their best judgment based on the additional decor.

White & Ivory Drapes:

You can inform your event manager if you want the drapes to hang or look a certain way, otherwise, we will allow your florist and event manager to use their best judgment based on the additional decor.

Drapes that clients have brought in:

Many decorators and florists have additional draping options you can rent through them. You can also bring your own in - however, please note that we do not set up outside drapes, you will need a vendor or friend to set them up if you are not using ours.

Pergola designs without drapes:

You don't have to do drapes! Check out these stunning floral only looks!

Aisle Runners:

Another great way to add color to your ceremony site is an aisle runner.

We use a real carpet that is 50 feet long and spans the full aisle way - our white runner is $100 and red is $50

Welcome Tables:

We recommend setting up a welcome table at the ceremony site for your guests to be able to sign your guest book, drop off gifts and cards, and look at photos or details you've added. This we usually place to the right of the ceremony site. This will give your guests something to do and look at as they arrive.

After your ceremony, we can move the table indoors for those who didn't get the chance to sign your guest book and look at your details.

Most of our clients use our small wooden farm table for their welcome table without linen, however, you also rent linen for the table from a vendor or use white or ivory linen from us if you would prefer to have the table covered.

The most popular items that are used on the welcome table of ours is the wire birdcage for cards, tabletop easels, and wooden gifts & cards signs.

Here is a look at some past welcome tables -

Other ceremony decor items:

There are lots of unique ways to add special touches to the ceremony site. Many of our clients will bring in custom welcome signs and decor for their special day.

Another popular look is to add details such as photos or floral to wine barrels at the start of the aisle way to highlight the entrance.

While we do not provide custom items for your ceremony site, your ceremony coordinator is happy to assist in setting items out for you.

Water & Lemonade Station:

Casa Bella provides a water and lemonade station set up similar to what is pictured below - we often place this right by the welcome table so that guests are welcomed into your ceremony site with beverages while they enjoy looking at the details you have displayed for them on the welcome table.

Please note that we do not set up this station for off-site ceremonies, instead the bar will host all beverages.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you have been inspired by some of the ideas for your own special day!

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